Free Zune Music Downloads : How to Rip Songs from the CD With Total Ease

How do you really save up your time, effort, gas and money but all together you still want to get yourself entertained and hear your favorite music? Well, the answer is zune music downloads. What you need to do is basically install this program in your computer. Once you have it there already, all you have to do is to follow a few steps to be able to get your tunes into your computer.

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The free zune music downloads program is actually really easy to use but some people tend to find it hard to manipulate so here are the steps you should follow to get your tunes:

1 - Put the CD on your computer's CD player.

2 - Open your media player.

3 - Highlight the song that you would want to save on your zune tunes by clicking it.

4 - Click on the "rip" button.

5 - Save the song using any of these extensions: .wmv, wma, .jpg, mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v, .mov or, .m4b.

6 - Using the USB cable that came with your zune player, plug it in to your computer.

7 - Your zune player will automatically detect the sound files you have saved earlier if you have chosen the option of it dragging the sound files automatically. However, you can also choose to drag the sound files manually.

What is the best thing about zune music downloads ? The best thing about is that you will be able to download the songs from any and every site that you can think of.

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