The Difference between WMA Mp3 Files

When downloading music from the internet, you may have come across different file formats that are available for download. WMA mp3 files are different from each other. Each of these files has certain characteristics which give one the advantage over the other in some aspects.

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WMA mp3 files are music files - and the similarities mostly end there. WMA stands for Windows Media Audio while mp3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. Mp3 was developed primarily to reduce the size of music files, with these files having less than 1.10th of the file size of regular CD tracks. This is done through perceptual coding, which is eliminating some parts of the music which are not part of the auditory resolution ability of regular people. Basically, it's taking out parts of the music which aren't heard by people anyway. WMA, on the other hand, was developed primarily to compete with mp3 as the premiere audio recording format. It has the same principles as the mp3 files to reduce file size, where audio signals that the human ear can't recognize are discarded from the music file.

But which is better? For better compression capabilities and the highest flexibility in both storage and playback, mp3 files are better. You can even easily resample the bit rates of the mp3 files if you wish. WMA files are still very young compared to the technology put into mp3 files, so it would be safe to assume that mp3 files have been developed more from their age in the market.