Free Tamil Music Downloads : Discovering the Best Free Tamil Mp3s India Has To Offer

Free tamil music downloads come from the land of India. They are associated with devotional, classical and folk music. The diverse traditions and languages of the people in the Indian sub continent resulted to the rich quality of music of Tamil. The music is related to Carnatic classical music which is also related to the Dravidian group language. Tracing the origin of the word 'carnatic', it pertains to the south part of India. Most of its music has originated from dramas that are performed along the seashore. Carnatic music is considered as the classical music of the southern part of India. With the advent of the internet, there are also free tamil mp3s that have become available for download. Because of this, Tamil music downloads are being exposed not only in India, but also to the rest of the world.

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Carnatic music is generally comprised of a monophonic song with ad lib deviations. This kind of music is only performed before royalty and rich patrons until the late 19th century. The traditional musical instruments that are being used in Tamil mp3 music are Veenai, Thavil, Nathaswaram, Tambura, Mirudangam, and Ghatam. In the month of December and January every year, the Chennai in Tamil Nadu hosts a Tamil Music and Dance Festival. Various Tamil musicians play different melodies before a crowd. Among the famous musicians that have become synonymous with 'Tamil music' include Muthuswamy Dikshitar, and Saint Thyagaraja. Their Tamil mp3s can be downloaded in various free tamil music download websites.

In some websites, the top Tamil mp3s are available for download based on their countdown charts. New releases and devotional and carnatic mp3s are accessible in the sites. These sites are being updated based on the current chart in India that is why people can be updated with the Tamil mp3 music even if they are outside India.

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