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Modern technology made listening to audio clips easier and more convenient. There are several softwares today that allow playing of different audio formats. Sound mp3s are the most common format for audio files. The mp3 format makes it possible for audio files to occupy a small capacity in memory.

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There are numerous audio converter applications online that allow changing of file type into other formats, like mp4 and wav, to mp3. Aside from popular songs, sound mp3s of educational materials are also available in the internet. Audio files with informative content like 'The Complete Work of Charles Darwin' are available. Religious, evangelistic, and inspirational clips are also available for download. Even Biblical verses in different languages, reaching around 5000 to estimate, are also available online. Docudramas, interviews, and performance clips of people (commonly musicians) that have become famous online through video streaming websites, similar to the popular youtube channel, are also available in this format. Podcasts, which are becoming popular in the online world, also have mp3 formats of these files. This is for the benefit of fans that follow these people and want to listen to the tracks offline. Instructional materials in learning a new language also exist because learning is proved to be more effective when you hear the language being spoken.

Commonly, these files can be downloaded on iTunes and they are not for free. Payment is done through credit card wherein the needed information will be provided by the buyer when filling out forms at the website. Fortunately, there are still many websites that provide sound mp3s for free. It makes listening to audio clips simple and handy for anyone who has an internet connection and an mp3 player.

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