Where to Get Legal and Safe Mp3 Downloads

Music piracy is illegal and has caused musicians and artists to lose thousands and millions of dollars. On the other hand, building a large music library can be very costly. Thankfully, there are now various ways to get legal and safe mp3 downloads via the internet. Legal popular download sites include iTunes and Napster. There are also various ways to get cheap downloads without hurting the music industry:

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1 - Free Samples - when looking for legal and free safe mp3 downloads, nothing beats something that's free. Amazon is teeming with a list of free tracks of the latest releases from a wide range of genres. Another is Epitonic, which gives free mp3 songs so you can listen to new artists from smaller record companies. If you find an artist or song interesting, you can purchase the whole album for $5 to $15. Another great site is Internet Archive, which has an interesting collection of music and public domain tunes, all free and legal.

2 - Independent music sites - why not try out independent and undiscovered musicians? Many new musicians upload their music on the internet in the hopes of getting discovered. Garageband.com and CDBaby.com offers several albums at only $5 each. Boost Independent Music prices every mp3 download for only 69 cents.

3 - Subscriptions - another great way to get legal and safe mp3 downloads for a great price is from online music stores. iTunes, Rhapsody and eMusic are a few examples. In some online music stores you get to pay a fixed monthly fee for a specific number of music downloads.

You might want to get legal free safe mp3 downloads from the music downloading services that we have listed here. We think you'll find our safe mp3 downloads resource pretty useful.