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Pink mp3 downloads are among some of the hottest names in the music scene today. Pink is an American singer and song writer, best known for her rocker chic style, devil may care attitude, and a strong powerful voice, she had clearly made a niche in her 9 year stay in the music scene.

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Pink was born Alecia Beth Moore in September 8, 1979, in Pennsylvania. She started out as an R&B singer, but later switched to rock and pop rock. Her bestseller was Missundaztood, which was released in 2001. It soon became successful in the U.S. and worldwide, which is currently her best seller. The Missundaztood album is the most popular of Pink mp3 download collections to date. Pink's other albums, 'Can't Take Me Home', 'Try This', 'I'm not Dead' and 'Funhouse' fared pretty good, as well. Her albums generated many top ten singles, such as 'Stupid Girls', 'Sober', 'Please don't leave me' and 'Who Knew'. She has sold 10 million albums in the USA and more than 32 million albums worldwide. She has won 2 Grammy awards and is now one of the best female pop rock artists of the decade.

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