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Not many alternative rock bands in the United States have a young lady as a lead vocalist and three young talented men on the guitars and drums just like Paramore. Following Avril Lavigne's example, this young band aspired and gradually transformed into something big with their loud and wild music, full of striking realities. The image of the rebellious and expressive youth is seen in the performance of this group and by merely paying attention to their music through a simple paramore mp3 download, the listener can already say a lot.

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Paramore's songs simply capture the defiant nature of looking into teenage love. It has a straightforward manner of expressing anxieties and bitterness in failed attempts and at the same time creates an impulsive manner of expressing feelings towards a special someone. What makes it more unique is the fact that these are expressed through alternative rock, but surprisingly, the transition of songs from hard loud rock at some point immediately turns into a soft passionate tone. This perhaps explains why paramore mp3 download searches are among the popular music keywords in search engines today.

Successful singles featuring the voice of 20 year-old Hayley Williams and pieces played by the Josh and Zac Farro with bass guitarist Jeremy Davis include "Crush Crush Crush" in 2007 and recently, the featured Twilight Movie Theme Song "I Caught Myself" released in 2008, which garnered a lot of paramore mp3 download from various web sites. It will also be launching its upcoming 3rd album, Brand New Eyes this year.

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