Free P2P Music Downloads : Know the Pros and Cons of P2P Music Downloads

If you haven't heard of the term p2p music downloads, this article will help you understand how it works and what are the pros and cons on using it.

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P2P is a short term for person to person or peer to peer. This means that Person A, who has a computer plus an internet connection, can upload a music file on a program or a website. Once the uploading is successful, Person B can now download the file. Sometimes, free p2p music downloads programs automatically open your music files and makes it instantly available for sharing. This will save you the hassle and the time of uploading a file. What's amazing about these p2p downloading sites and programs is that even if they have legality issues, they still manage to attract tons of people around the world. You really can't blame these people because who would not want to download free music, right? Another reason why more and more people use it is the convenience it brings. You don't need to go to music stores just to buy CDs. You can just connect to the internet, open the p2p program, search for the song, click download and wait until it is finished. How easy is that?

But in spite of all these good tempting advantages, there are also consequences on using this p2p music downloads. One, you are greatly affecting the music industry, because if you don't buy the original record, the artist will certainly not make a sale. In addition, you may also be prosecuted once they caught you downloading and sharing files without the owners consent.

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