Free New Music Downloads : Issues Encountered by New Music Downloading Sites

Probably the most visited websites nowadays are the ones that offer free music or video downloads. Almost everyday, millions of people use it, the young, the old, the rich and the poor. If you want to stay updated you can search new music downloads and you'll be able to find new songs. You don't need to buy new CDs or request the songs on the radio to hear them over and over again.

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Sites that offer free new music downloads are having some legal issues nowadays. They are being watched by people who support anti-piracy. According to some downloading site owners, they just offer this kind of service so that even those people who can't afford to buy original copies will still be able to enjoy the music at home. Some say that using their service is always by choice. They don't force people to support them and they don't entice people to use them either. They also claim that their service also helps the artists to promote their songs and their album, because if the people loved their songs, of course, they will buy the original CD, and show it off to their friends. However, these excuses were not accepted. Some downloading sites are now closed and some are still in trial.

So, it is now up to you whether you want to support new music downloads services or not. You may be aware of the benefits it brings, but you need to know the risks and the disadvantages of using it as well.

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