Music Download Service : Downloading Sites Now Playing by the Rules So Everybody Wins

Gone are the days when you would have to walk to your neighborhood record shop for your daily music fix. The Internet has blossomed into a proving ground for business ventures, including those offering paid music download service.

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Because some peer-to-peer sites have been described as advocates of music piracy, many have revamped their old ways to provide a legally-compliant music download service. Most of them started out as peer-to-peer sharing networks but have now engaged in subscription-based ventures. When laws against piracy weren't that strictly implemented, you could find any song imaginable and download the file from the Internet with no extra cost. Peer-to-peer sharing was heavily criticized as the mother of music piracy that invaded the Internet, leading to significant losses in profit for musicians and producers. Responding to the negative criticism, most of these downloading sites have changed their way of doing business. While music sites still offer free streaming, they do not allow full library access to non-subscribers. If you're a non-subscriber, you only get to play a particular song for a couple of times. After this, you would have to subscribe to the downloading service or purchase the song if you want to listen to it again. A complete access to the database of these music downloading sites would cost you a subscription fee from $5 to $20.

By junking the old one and creating a new music download service, many P2P networks have redeemed their bad reputation and have continued to inspire other old file-sharing networks to follow suit and play by the new rules.

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