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A great number of the younger population love to listen mp3s playing in their portable devices. Any person will be able to observe that these are being played on MP3 players, devices which support this media file and even on cellular phones. MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 files are very popular these days. These are the smallest formats which songs can be converted in to. This means that a regular compact disc which would normally hold around eight to sixteen songs of the regular format can now be able to hold as much as hundreds of different titles.

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As this comes in a digital format, these can be easily found online. You can not only be able to listen mp3s but also be able to download them to your computer or mobile phone. There are some individuals who collect these particular media file formats and have them written in cds or other storage devices.

You also have the option to convert the songs you have in your possession into MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 files. There are various programs or software which can help you achieve this goal. Imagine being able to have most or practically all of the songs you like in the smallest possible files size. You can then be able to listen to mp3s playing in your media devices all day any day. And you would not need to worry about having a large box to store all these in. Hundreds of songs can fit in a tiny device such as a flash drive or perhaps in a disc.

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