Creating MP3 Files in Linux : Linux Mp3 Files

Because of the popularity of Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems, many software applications strive to be compliant with them. As a result, many Linux users tend to feel a lack of software support for their OS of choice. These problems include creating, playing and sharing linux mp3 files. If you're experiencing the same problems, here's a step-by-step guide to create, play and share your music files.

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Step 1: Extracting a WAV file

When you plan to create a song or a musical masterpiece from scratch, you can use WAV recorders. If you're meaning to extract files from a CD, you need to secure software that would convert your CD audio files (CDA) to WAV. Free CDA-to-WAV converters are available online

Step 2: Converting to MP3

Converting your music from WAV to MP3 makes it compatible with more recent versions of music players. For Linux platforms, many available audio converters boast of fast converting speed and nice graphical user interface (GUI).

Step 3: Playing your Songs

You would need a player to review your linux mp3 recordings or just simply listen to your favorite songs through your computer. Most Linux-based audio players emulate their Microsoft and Macintosh counterpart. They also contain special features exclusively for Linux platforms

Step 4: Streaming your Songs

If you're a music enthusiast, it is always a pleasure to share your songs to the music community. One way to do this is by sharing music online, popularly called streaming. This involves converting MP3 to MP3 URL format (M3U). Like audio converters and CD rippers, audio streamers are also available for free.

Because Linux is still on its development stages, mastering linux mp3 files and processes may be a tricky ordeal. But, once you get the hang of it, you could save a whole lot of money by using open-source software such as Linux for your music.