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The popularity of Free Japanese music downloads caused the existence of online websites that provide the tracks of famous Japanese singers. The music is not just being known in the local country, but also in neighboring Asian countries. Japanese mp3s are available for download online. Some websites provide a whole album in a zipped file together with the album art and some extra video clips of the artist. Truly, these online mp3s hugely benefit fans not just in Asia but also around the globe.

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Traditional music of Japan is also available online. Also known as hogaku, its different types include gagaku, nogaku, biwagaku, shakuhachi, sokyoku, and shamisenongaku. Gagaku is the oldest among the traditional Japanese music download genres. Nogaku is a combination sounds of chorus, Tsuzumi drum, Hayashi flute, and other instruments. Meanwhile, biwagaku is played with a biwa, an instrument similar to a four-stringed guitar. Shakuhachi on the other hand is played with a 55-cm long flute with the same name. Sokyoku is played using three instruments namely koto, shamisen, and shakuhachi. Lastly, shamisenongaku is music being played with a shamisen and is performed commonly in Kabuki and Bunraku theater performances. Free Japanese mp3s of the traditional music can be downloaded in websites online. On the other hand, the modern stream of songs in Japan is divided into different genres like rock, metal, electro, funk, polk, reggae, and hip hop. Among famous singers of modern music include Nanjo Asahito, Haino Keiji, Boredoms, Acidman, The Blue Hearts, Guitar Wolf, and Brahman.

Sites with these resources (including the songs of lyrics) exist online. This is good especially to people who like to listen to free Japanese mp3s. Besides, it is nice to appreciate the culture of other countries from time to time.

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