Free Illegal Mp3 Downloads : Is P2P File Sharing Program Illegal Mp3 Downloads?

P2P File sharing programs like Limewire, Frostwire, Ares and KaZaa are a popular arena for illegal music downloads. They are controversial as well. You may have heard of the many viruses lurking in them, as well as the countless lawsuits filed against them by various music record companies and the MPAA. So are file sharing programs illegal mp3 downloads?

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File sharing programs are also known as P2P, or peer to peer programs. These programs links users from around the globe directly to each other, letting them share and download files from one another. It is not similar to old file sharing programs like Napster, for the latter ran all the connections through their servers. This is the reason why it is difficult to determine who is sharing and downloading what.

P2P programs, by themselves, are not illegal. There are actually plenty of legitimate uses for it. Many academic institutions, universities and associations use the programs to exchange research data and vice versa. Many starting musicians and artists also share their music to showcase their talents in the hopes of getting discovered this way. The sad thing is many people are using the file sharing programs for free illegal mp3 downloads.

How do you know what is legal and what is not? IT is so easy to download illegal mp3 songs and files nowadays, that it can get confusing whether we are violating copyright laws or not.

Technically all songs posted on file sharing programs with no permission from the artist are illegal. Most commercial mp3, movies and shows posted are also illegal. Download from reputable mp3 download websites, such as Apple. Although these legal download sites charge a small fee per song, they are legal, nonetheless. Better avoid illegal mp3 downloads now than facing grave consequences later.

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