Free House Music Downloads And House Music History Worth Checking Out

If you have ever wondered how house music got its name, you are not alone. In the past decades, people have claimed that this music genre acquired its name because it was "invented" by one European DJ working in a club in Chicago, The Warehouse. It was said that this DJ named Frankie Knuckles started the idea of mixing synthetic pop music with disco, punk and traditional music. Since this type of music received so much love from the regular goers of the club, it began to become more prominent around the place. Apparently, what started in a small underground club had a greater influence around the world as house music downloads is now among the most popular downloads from different websites online.

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Underground clubs then were very popular among Latinos and gays especially for the Black ones. The Warehouse claim has been accepted by the public and music lovers for years only to be disputed by a musician named Larry Heard. He insisted that the name of this music genre came about because house music was originally being mixed at the very own homes of the DJs. As if these two contradictory explanations were not enough, a DJ Chip E claimed that the name for the genre, house, was coined from a recording method in a studio. Whatever the case is, house music gained immense popularity, making free house music downloads a favorite not only among its original patrons but among others as well.

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