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There are different genres of music. One of those popular ones that are usually heard in the radio waves are free electro music download tracks. This type of music has punk influence and the tracks have electronic sounds. Vocals are delivered with electronic distortion through the use of a vocoder. Before, electro music downloads involved, the use of drum machines to serve as a rhythmic base of a song. However with the advent of computers and the modern technology, various electronic effects can be applied on a song track. The sound effects are done with the use of synthesizers. Effects of other instruments and techniques like phasers, chorus, delays, and reverbs are used to have a futuristic theme on the song. The vocals are made to sound robot-like. Electro mp3s are available in the internet for purchase and download.

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Some of the artists in the electro music arena are Chromeo, Cybotron, DMX Krew, Freeez, Hashim, Midnight Star, and Scape One. The genres of music that have the same beats and characteristics are techno, house, trip hop, trance, progressive, and jungle. Free electro mp3s of artists are available online, although some of them are not for free.

Free electro music downloads are still being considered as a new kind of music. There are websites on the web that allow sharing of personally produced electro mp3s. Anyone can make electro mp3 music with the use of the computer. The output will just depend on the technique and taste of the composer. It can be a perfect outlet to express of one's creativeness and passion for music.

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