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Several websites have the ability to let people download free stuff - from songs, to movies, audio clips, to eBooks. Among those that have audio clips, there are those that offer to download hindi songs.

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From top hits of famous Bollywood singers to soundtracks of popular movies, websites have them for downloads. Songs are sorted according to genre such as pop, remix, and Punjabi. The Bollywood singers that fall under the pop category are Josh, Alisha Chinoy, Jay Sean, Adnan Sami, and Kunal Ganjawala. Meanwhile, those that are under the remix category are DJ Skyy, Yash Raj, and DJ Aks. Under the Punjabi category, there are Aman Hayer, Deepi, Rabbi Shergill, and Bally Sagoo. Movie soundtrack hits are common search tags for those who seek to download hindi mp3 songs free. This is because the most popular form of Hindi songs is soundtracks of movies. The dawn of the music industry of India was just at the same time as their movie industry. The movies of Bollywood have become like a lifestyle of the people. They always look forward to yet-to-release movies and listen frequently on songs associated to movies. They judge the beauty of a song by the lyrics and the singing abilities of the artist. Clips such as Paa, Raftaar, and Aao Wish Karein are among those that has soundtrack clips available for listening in various websites.

With the aid of modern technology, listening to hindi songs have become easier. The worldwide availability through the internet allows anyone to download hindi songs in the most convenient way.

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