Free CD Music Downloads : How to Burn CD MP3s

So you just got the latest free CD music downloads of your favorite artist. You love the tracks so much that you want to put them into your portable mp3 player. However, you simply can't drag and drop the tracks of the CD onto the player. Some players won't be able to read those tracks (which are in .cda format), and even if they could, the file size of those files would be very big.

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For these instances, you can "rip" the songs CD mp3s. Basically, you will be converting those .cda files into .mp3 so that not only can you play them with your portable mp3 player, you can also save memory space for other CD music download tracks.

There are a lot of programs that you can search for online and download that can rip your music into CD mp3s. They all have different interfaces, but the basic process is for you to put your music download CD into your computer's disc drive and then select, through the ripping program, the tracks in the CD that you'd like to rip. You may also update the "tags" of these tracks, which is providing information of the music such as the title, the artist, the album, etc.

Once you've set up all those things, your program is ready. Just click on start and it will be converting those tracks into CD mp3s and save them onto your computer. From there, you are free to transfer the new mp3 files to anywhere you want so you can take the free CD music downloads you love with you wherever you go.

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