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There are several file types of audio clips that have been available today. There are mp3s, ogg, and wav formats among others. The most common one is mp3, which is the short name for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. This format is created by the Moving Pictures Expert Group which is composed of teams of engineers. Audio mp3s are the most common format among clips used by consumers. It compresses the audio file without losing the quality of the sound clip. One song track that is ripped from a CD can be reduced to 1/11 of its original size when converted to mp3 format.

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The compression technique for audio mp3s involves the reduction of quality of some parts of the sound that are not that audible to the normal human ear. The technique is relatively similar to that being used in the compression of images in the JPEG format. In general, mp3 compression takes advantage of the hearing limitations of the ear, a technique that is called auditory masking. The popularity of mp3 boomed with the aid of the World Wide Web in 1994 until the latter parts of the 90's. Several portable mp3 players also have appeared. One of them is Winamp. At first, tracks only of independents singers were available in sites such as that are free to download. Soon after, converted mp3 files ripped from CDs have spread rapidly in the internet. Napster, a peer-to-peer file sharing network, was a famous tool in sharing mp3 files. However, issues on copyright infringement arose and caused this network to be shut down. Music piracy became prominent in the internet.

Today, audio mp3s are still popular in the music scene on the internet. The addition of more file types has emerged in video format like mp4, flv, and avi. Still, mp3 is the primary format when it comes to audio clips. It occupies little amount of memory in the disk but the quality of the sound does not change much.

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